How do your fees work?

We handle all personal injury and employment law cases on a contingency which means we take a percentage of the amount your case resolved for, usually between 33%-45%.   The difference in percentages depends on whether we had to file a lawsuit and litigate your case.  In those instances, the fees increase to 45%.

If I don’t win the case or get any compensation, do I still have to pay any fees?

No.  If your case does not resolve or you don’t get any compensation, you pay us nothing.

Who pays my doctor’s bills?

Once your case resolves, the insurance company for the person who harmed you is obligated to pay for all of your past and future medical bills.  That amount is usually factored into the total settlement amount.  

For example, if you have $20,000 in medical bills and we resolve your case for $100,000, the medical bills of $20,000 are included in the total settlement amount of $100,000 and the doctors get paid from the total settlement amount. 

What about case related costs like obtaining police reports and medical records?

All case related costs are fronted by our office.  Once your case is resolved and you receive compensation, we will deduct those fees from the total amount your case resolves for. 

How long will it take for my case to resolve?

All cases are different.  Some cases can resolve in a few months and others could take several years.  There are several factors that can determine how long a case will take to resolve such as if the other party is at fault in an automobile case, or if your injuries or damages were caused by the incident. 

My friend had a case that settled for $1,000,000, will my case settle for that much too?

One case has nothing to do with another and every case is different.  Sometimes the other person’s insurance is not high enough to cover for all of your damages.  Other times the injuries or damages are not as severe for a $1,000,000 valuation.  Since every case is different, every result is different too.

What can I recover after an injury?

In personal injury cases where you have been harmed by the conduct of another person, corporation or government entity, you are entitled to recover for past and future medical bills, loss of earnings, and pain and suffering as well as any property damage caused by the incident.