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Insurance companies are not in the business to pay claims, they are actually in the business to NOT pay claims.  So almost every claim that is made to an insurance company, an adjuster is assigned to evaluate the case.  The adjuster’s evaluation unfortunately is not done fairly.  They find any excuse and often times make up facts, lie and hide or destroy evidence that is beneficial to you.  This is all done to discredit your claim and cheat you out of fair compensation. 

In one slip and fall case with serious knee injuries, the insurance company adjuster claimed the area where my client fell was swept 3 minutes before her fall, and therefore they acted reasonably and did nothing wrong.  They had surveillance of the fall but they only sent me a still photograph of an employee sweeping near the area where my client fell and asked me to drop my claim.  

I didn’t believe the adjuster so I field a lawsuit so I could get the full video.  After we obtained the video in litigation, we saw that the employee never came close to sweeping where my client fell.  We also found out the owner of the business only kept 1 hour of surveillance video because that’s what they were told to do by the insurance company.  The case settled soon and the client was very happy with the result, but this is a classic example of what the insurance companies and their attorneys will do to deny claims.