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Insurance companies are notorious for hiring medical doctors and other experts they use over and over again. Why? Because these medical experts are paid to be biased for the insurance company that hired them in order to save money by devaluing your case.

These medical experts can be orthopedic doctors, chiropractors, radiologists, neurologists and the list goes on. If your case is in litigation (meaning you filed a lawsuit against the person who injured you), then one or more of these experts are allowed to examine you once by law.

The opinions they reach are almost always the same…that you were not as injured as you say and almost all of your treatment was not related to the accident. They can do this because they are not technically your doctor so there is no doctor-patient relationship. They make millions of dollars a year testifying for insurance companies so they will say and do whatever it takes to keep getting paid.

Because I have years of experience handling these experts, I can help your case by exposing these experts’ lies and bias to help maximize the value of your case. You don’t stand a chance without an experienced trial attorney by your side.