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1- Make sure you are not trapped in your vehicle and can exit safely.
2- If you are bleeding, dizzy, confused, or feel severe pain don’t try to move unless you absolutely have too. Wait for paramedics or other first responders to arrive.
3- Call the police.
4- Do not make any statements about who was at fault to anyone other than law enforcement.
5- Take as many pictures of the vehicles involved, the area where the incident occurred, the damage to each vehicle, license plates, and street names and traffic control devices and anything else that may shed light on what happened.
6- Exchange insurance information and take photos of all insurance cards, driver licenses or IDs and any other identifying information of the people involved and witnesses.
7- If you feel any pain, please go to the ER or urgent care and follow up with your primary doctor.
8- Don’t speak to any insurance representatives until you hire an attorney. What you say is being recorded and can be used against you during the claim process and even litigation.
9- Hire Saroian Law, PC to represent you for any injuries you have sustained.